Have you seen a beaver sometime? Beaver safari by boat is one of our most popular guided tours. We usually manage to get close and see several beavers in one evening.
They swim around our boat, and sometimes they go up on land to eat. Let our professional guides lead you to a successful safari.

– Meet wild beavers in their natural environment – we see beavers almost every time
– Learn about the beavers by professional guide
– Nice boat ride on the lake at dusk
– Outdoor Dinner with local food
– Chance to see other animals such as moose, crane, black-throated diver

Did you know that a beaver hut can be as high as a man? And that they can cut down large aspens with there bare teeth? Have you ever inspected the engineering of a beaver dam? Join us on an exciting journey in a Swedish lake and see the beaver work at his hut at dusk.

Program for the beaver safari

We meet up in the late afternoon. The guide begins by talking about beavers and what we can do to maximize our chance to see wildlife. The evening sun falls over the treetops, and we are moving silently in an rubber boat with electric engine. With intense scouting for possible traces we glide toward one of the beaver’s well-camouflaged huts. Suddenly you see something sticking out of the water. You are face to face with a beaver. During the evening we stop on an island where we eat an outdoor dinner. When it gets dark we finish the tour and head back to civilization.

Price: Adult 2035 SEK & child 1040 SEK, member in Swedish Turist Association adult 1985 SEK & children 1015 SEK.

Date: Arranged on fixed dates from April to September. Check dates in our ACTIVITY CALENDAR

Time & Location: Incheck in Kolarbyn 14.00. There is no staff in Kolarbyn 24 hours around but a host will meet you during the incheck time. During the incheck you will get a guided tour in Kolarbyn and get instruction how everything works and where to find everything. You have access to the charcoal huts from 14.00 arrival day until 12.00 departure day. The beaver Safari starts from Karmansbo Manor about 15 minutes by car from Kolarbyn. You transport yourselves to Karmansbo!

  • 1 April – 15 May: 17.00 – 22.00
  • 16 May- 31 July: 18.00 – 23.00
  • 1 August – 19 August: 17.00 – 22.00
  • 20 August – 30 September: 16 – 21

Include the price: Beaver safari, lodging in charcoal hut with inflatable mattress and sheepskin to sleep on, dinner outside during the safari, breakfast to cook yourself over the fire (products that can be stored outside without a fridge), firewood to chop and to make fire with, candles, matches, drinking water from the spring in the forest, access to fireplaces, borrow primitive kitchen equipment and to cook food over the fire, washing facilities in the stream, recycling facility for rubbish, access to seats in the assembly hall (if not booked by a group). You organize the dinner yourself.

When is it best: From April to September is usually a good time for beaver watching.

Group size: Maximum 8 participants per guide. With two guides, it may be up to 16 participants.

Lodging: Singel bed for 2 persons in charcoal hut

Other: Recommended minimum age is 8 years. Adult participants must be able to swim. The tour includes no hiking. We often have foreign participants on our tours so the tour is mostly in English.
We recommend you to bring weatherproof clothes and shoes. warm clothes for cold winter days, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, camera, binoculars, swimwear, towel, water bottle, snacks.

Optional: Rent sleeping bag equipment for 150 SEK (sleeping bag, small pillow & sheets)
Floating sauna for 2 hour 100 SEK/adult & 50 SEK/child (you share the sauna with other guests & heat it up yourself).





  One of the best things I've done
Excellent place! I will 100 percent returning in the future (hopefully not too distant)!
/from Joe, 2015-06-10

  I have traveled around the world but had one of the best experiences ever in Kolarbyn. Beautiful as a fairy tale …
/from Josefine, 2014-12-08

The second stay at Kolarbyn and we are pleased also this time. Everyone should experience at least one night in Kolarbyn! I write it reluctantly, because I would like to have it all to myself! The breakfast was worth every penny!
/from Wes, 2015-09-28