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Stay in charcoal hut in winter

Stay in the cozy charcoal huts in the winter is a wonderful and unique experience where you are guaranteed to make an unusual trip in nature. Here are some important information you need to know about accommodation during the winter in Kolarbyn. The winter season is from 1 November to 30 April. Kolarbyn will be close from 27 of November to 7 of January.

During the winter season, we only accept new guests on Fridays & Saturdays and you can stay to Sunday.

To get a good experience you have to use winter sleeping bags, of course you fall asleep to the crackling fire in the fireplace, which is available in huts, but a warm sleeping bag is recommended. We have sleeping bag equipment to rent, winter bags, small pillow and sheets for 150 SEK.

Firewood for cooking and to heat the huts, you chop the wood yourself and it´s included in the accommodation price.

Breakfast and other meals is not bookable during the winter. We recommend that you bring your own food and store it in a cooling box that insulate and prevents the food from freezing. You can also be purchased in Skinnskatteberg and then immediately cook the food over the open fire. Primitive cooking equipment can be borrowed. We can help you with some advice if you need.

Drinking water will be assigned to each hut, kep it in the hut so it does not freeze. It is also possible to melt snow for cooking, make coffee, etc.

Bring plenty of warm clothes and extra clothes for the evening when you go to sleep, even hearty and warm boots or winter boots is recommended.

Here you can read about what we recommend you to bring for clothes and equipment for your winter experience, EQUIPMENTS & PACKING LIST.

If you need help with what kind of clothes thats good to bring, pleas contact us!

Bring a towel and swim wear and try out our winter sauna with a hole in the ice, read more at this site RENT EQUIPMENT (länka till sida)

During your winter stay in Klarbyn, join us on one of our wonderful tours with both snowshoes and wooden skis. During both tours we walk and ski in the snow in trackless terrain, we also bring some food that we cook together at some nice place in the forest. Look on the website on ACTIVITIES.




  One of the best things I've done
Excellent place! I will 100 percent returning in the future (hopefully not too distant)!
/from Joe, 2015-06-10

  I have traveled around the world but had one of the best experiences ever in Kolarbyn. Beautiful as a fairy tale …
/from Josefine, 2014-12-08

The second stay at Kolarbyn and we are pleased also this time. Everyone should experience at least one night in Kolarbyn! I write it reluctantly, because I would like to have it all to myself! The breakfast was worth every penny!
/from Wes, 2015-09-28