Celebrate love with a different experience in Bergslagen beautiful nature. You get two romantic and restful adventure on a trip.

Disconnect everyday life for a while and let the forest and surroundings bring the natural adventure in you. In a separate hut, you will sleep well at the inflatable mattress and sheepskin rough in front of the crackling fireplace. Here are fine opportunities for refreshing walks. When you get hungry, you have already been served a basket with food and drink during the check-in. After a delightful meal under the sky, you can heat up the sauna down by the lake and take a moonlight swim under the stars. After a good breakfast around the campfire, it is time for the next adventure, which is to go to the beautiful Färna Manor & Spa. Here you can enjoy real luxury in an environment where you can sit back and just relax. All the food you are offered is self-made and local. After lunch you can walk down to the spa for a relaxing bath in the pool, the evening ends with a three-course dinner. This experience with both beautiful nature and two lovely accommodations, you will certainly not forget!

Did you know that our own king lives on Färna Manor during his moose hunting?

Price from 3 730 SEK
2 nights, arrival Kolarbyn Mon-, Tuesday or Wednesday
2 adults, charcoal hut/double room 7 660 SEK
1 adult own hut/single room 4 630 SEK

2 nights, arrival Kolarbyn Thursday or Friday
2 adults in the same charcoal hut/double room 8 296 SEK
1 adult own hut/single room 4 945 SEK

Participants: This adventure is for 2 persons, or contact if more than 2 guests

Date: This adventure is bookable from April to November.

Time & Location: Incheck in Kolarbyn 14.00-15.00. There is no staff in Kolarbyn 24 hours around but a host will meet you during the check-in time. During the in-check, you will get a guided tour of Kolarbyn and get instructions on how everything works and where to find everything. You have access to the charcoal huts from 14.00 on arrival day until 11.00 on departure day. In check-in time at Färna is 12.00, and the manor house is located 10-15 minutes by car from Kolarbyn.

Include the price: This is included in Kolarbyn, lodging in a charcoal hut with an inflatable mattress and sheepskin to sleep on, Dinner in a basket, breakfast that you cook yourself over the fire, access to the floating sauna for 2 hours (shared with other and you heat it up yourself), sleeping bag equipment (sleeping bag, small pillow & sheets), firewood to chop and to make fire with, candles, matches, drinking water from the spring, access to fireplaces, borrow primitive kitchen equipment and to cook food over the fire, washing facilities in the stream, recycling facility for rubbish, access to seats in the assembly hall (if not booked by a group). This is included at Färna manor, lodging in a double room, lunch is included Monday to Friday at 12.30, if you arrive on a Saturday an afternoon tea is included instead of lunch at 12.30, Sundays has included a soup lunch at 13.00. KRAV-labelled breakfast buffet from 07.00 to 09.00 Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 10.30 on Saturdays and Sundays. It also includes entry to the SPA for two days.

Lodging: Singel bed for 2 persons in a charcoal hut. At Färna lodging in a nice double room. A single room can be booked if you are more than 2 guests staying. We have also 2 bigger huts – A family hut (6 beds) and a TimberJack cottage (4 beds)

Other: We recommend you bring weatherproof clothes and shoes. warm clothes for cold nights, flashlights, binoculars, swimwear, towels, water bottle, and snacks.


Guest Reviews

“Magical enchantead fairyland. The hostess leaves you from about 5 and you get a lot of confidence in managing yourself. Everything is very well organised and nothing is missing. They also have the nices compost outhouse you ever have been on. – and YES they have of course a sauna, the coolest sauna ever”
Dorien, Belgium

“Thank you for the incredible place Kolarbyn is. It was amazing to be able to experience the Swedish landscape and to just get away from the craziness of life for a bit. It is one of my favourite places in Europe and I hope that many others get to experience its wonder”
Gabi, United States

Truely beautiful surroundings, really helpful staff and a great break from the norm”
George, UK

“Great place! The lodges are beautiful and the place is super charming. We really enjoyed our stay. Breakfast was fantastic and everything is well organized in a way that it makes it easy to be outside even if you’re not too used to it”
Anonymous, USA

“I just wanted to say that it was a really wonderful and unique experience, one which I will remember and treasure for a long time
It was truly back to basics but truly wonderful stay just to relax and enjoy wild Sweden!
Especially the floating sauna was all kinds of wonderful (definitely last night when the lake was frozen and full moon was shining).
If the snow had come in yesterday it would have been even more magical but that would have been the cherry on top. I got a good look this morning with the snow already.
I wish you all the best and thank you again for an awesome stay, I truly enjoyed it!”
Marnick, Luxemburg

“Last week me and my girlfriend spent one night at Kolarbyn. Kolarbyn it’s a magical, stunning, unreal place. To those who ask me how Kolarbyn is I reply that “I’m agnostic, but if
there is a paradise, a Valhalla or something else I hope it looks like Kolarbyn”. I guess that many people will tell you how amazing Kolarbyn is and how fascinating your personality is in that forest. But I really left something of my heart in that wood”
Paolo, Italy

“A sauna dream
The Kolarbyn adventure is fantastic. Top of the list for me was the floating sauna on the lake, followed by swims in the lake – oh it was so good! but I also enjoyed cutting wood, tracking the progress of the charcoal burners’ pit in August – they were up all night watching.
I shall never look at an English wrap in the same light again – they do their picnic food properly in Kolarbyn!  We bonded well too with the other Kolarbyn adventurers and shared many a laugh at our attempts to live ‘wild’. Kolarbyn gave us lots of support in this gentle introduction to living in nature at the eco lodge -I particularly liked being greeted by two lit candles when we arrived at our hut, and the ‘hoover’ marzipan sweets Malin brought us on the second day for our dessert – unexpected little touches that made the moment special. The people, including Malin who greeted us and came every day to sort out food etc, were absolutely lovely – kind, friendly, polite, cheerful and almost courtly at times. A very special holiday indeed.”
Janet, UK

“It has been a week since we returned from Sweden – we had such a great time, meeting the nicest of people and seeing beautiful places. Our stay at Kolarbyn was definitely one of the absolute highlights, from the lovely hut to the beautiful surrounding and don’t forget the Sauna/bastu 😉
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for having us and for keeping this wonderful place alive
all the best”
Antoine, New Zeeland