Join us for a three-days outdoor/survival course to learn from nature and our experienced Guide and Instructor. Learn basic wilderness skills that are priceless when a tricky situation occurs out in the wild.

You have just picked the last mushroom in a fantastic area in the woods. You feel excited about your full basket. But then you realize that you don’t recognize the surroundings; you are lost! With only 5% batteries left and no signal on your phone, the panic is starting to rise inside your head. What should I do? Will someone finds me, and when? Can I keep warm if I need to spend the night?

With the help of Bushcraft skills, you can read nature and live off the land when you find yourself in an outdoor survival situation.
During this 3-day course, you’ll learn the basics of Bushcraft and Survival in a northern boreal environment. You’ll be experiencing the magic woods of Bergslagen Sweden together with our skilled Instructor and Guide Jonas Landolsi from Jonas Vildmark Bushcraftcenter.
In today’s modern society we mostly rely on services and ready-produced products. But to handle a potential survival situation you might need to rely only on your own skills and mindset. Together we’ll be covering subjects like; fire making, handling edge tools like knife, axe and saw, gear, navigation by nature’s signs, survival psychology & physique, building shelters, managing water, usable plants, fields like sloyd and wilderness safety.

The learning starts on arrival at Kolarbyn Day 1. Fire and gear are to be prepared for spending the first night inside one of Kolarbyn’s forest huts. Day 2 at 10.00, just after breakfast, the Instructor will join you. The course ends on Day 3 after our breakfast. Leave your stress back home to be able to take in the magic of the Swedish nature.

Price from: 3480 SEK/adult, 2760 SEK/child (we recommend from 12 years)

Date: Arrange for fixed dates 2020: April 21-23, June 3-5, July 16-18, September 14-16 and October 2-4

Time and Location: Check-in at the Kolarbyn reception between 14.00 and 15.00 (Day 1). A Hostess will greet you on-site and give you a guided tour of the facilities, so you can see how things work and where to find everything. You have access to the forest huts from 14.00 on the arrival day until the activity ends. The first night is spent in Kolarbyn. The Instructor joins you after breakfast at 10.00 on Day 2. Lectures and exercises are held both at Kolarbyn and it´s surrounding woods. The course will end on Day 3 after breakfast, around 10.

Check out at 11.00.

Participants: A maximum of 12 participants per occasion

Include the price: A Bushcraft/Survival course led by an Instructor, borrow tools and staying in forest huts, equipped with inflatable mattresses and sheepskins to sleep on. Dinner Day 1, breakfast Day 2, simple lunch Day 2, simple dinner and fika out in the field Day 2 and breakfast in Kolarbyn Day 3. You cook your own food in Kolarbyn, you’ll find the ingredients inside the kitchen storage. Access to the floating sauna for 2 hours (shared with others, you heat it up yourself, we recommend you use the sauna during Day 1).
During the overnight in the forest hut following are included; firewood to chop and to make fire with, candles, matches, drinking water from the spring in the forest, access to fireplaces, borrow kitchen equipment and to cook food over the fire, washing facilities in the stream, recycling facility for rubbish, access to seats inside the community hut.

Lodging: Singel bed for 2 persons in a forest hut, an additional fee of 500 SEK per person if a single room is wanted. the second night you can choose to sleep inside your self-made shelter out in the woods, or in the forest hut.

Other, staying at Kolarbyn first night: We recommend you bring robust and weatherproof clothes and shoes for all kind of weather. warm clothes for cold nights, sleeping bag (you can rent from Kolarbyn the first night, but you can´t bring it with you night 2), camping mattress, headlamp/flashlight, power bank, binoculars, bathing suit, towel, water bottle.

Other, due course and second night: We recommend you bring robust and weatherproof clothes and shoes for all kind of weather. warm clothes for a cold night, sleeping bag (you can rent from Jonas night 2), camping mattress, headlamp/flashlight with additional batteries, binoculars, bathing suit, towel, water bottle (mosquito hat, mosquito balsam and covering clothing during the mosquito season and in forest) notebook.





  One of the best things I've done
Excellent place! I will 100 percent returning in the future (hopefully not too distant)!
/from Joe, 2015-06-10

  I have traveled around the world but had one of the best experiences ever in Kolarbyn. Beautiful as a fairy tale …
/from Josefine, 2014-12-08

The second stay at Kolarbyn and we are pleased also this time. Everyone should experience at least one night in Kolarbyn! I write it reluctantly, because I would like to have it all to myself! The breakfast was worth every penny!
/from Wes, 2015-09-28