Packing & Equipment

Below is what we recommend you to bring for your stay in Kolarbyn.

Equipment for the summer

Here are suggestions for equipment and clothing that we recommend you to bring for your stay in Kolarbyn. For many of the experiences in summer, you already have most of the equipment at home in the closet.

How can you dress up and pack in your backpack …
• Underwear (avoid cotton)
• Wool socks and socks (bring extra socks if you get wet) • Pants
• Shirt
• Long trousers, windproof and spacious
• Rubber boots or shoes
• Windproof roomy jacket
• rainwear
• Water Bottle
• Hat, gloves, thermal underwear (for cold nights)
• Flashlight

Please contact us if you need help with equipment for your experience!


Equipment for winter

Avoid cotton next to your body, cotton makes you cold when it´s wet, and use windproof outerwear then your winter activity becomes a wonderful experience. Here is an example of how to dress and what to bring for stay in Kolarbyn during winter.

• Underwear made of wool / synthetic (avoid cotton)
• Base of wool / synthetic (bring an extra set if you get wet)
• Thin socks made of wool / synthetic (bring extra socks if you get wet)
• Socks (bring extra pair if you get wet)
• Shell jacket or anorak with hood
• Ski Trousers, lined
• Sweater or shirt
• Windproof mittens, preferably with a loose lining or inner glove made of wool (mittens is warmer then gloves)
• Hat (include an extra hat that you can sleep in)
• Down jacket or sweater, wind pants
• Lined boots for winter (preferably mid-rise or high shaft so the snow does not slide down in the shoe)
• Thermos for hot drinks (be sure to drink plenty during your winter stay, you lose a lot of fluid in the winter)
• Backpack if you want to take a trip
• Flashlight

Please contact us if you need help equipment and clothes for your experience!




  One of the best things I've done
Excellent place! I will 100 percent returning in the future (hopefully not too distant)!
/from Joe, 2015-06-10

  I have traveled around the world but had one of the best experiences ever in Kolarbyn. Beautiful as a fairy tale …
/from Josefine, 2014-12-08

The second stay at Kolarbyn and we are pleased also this time. Everyone should experience at least one night in Kolarbyn! I write it reluctantly, because I would like to have it all to myself! The breakfast was worth every penny!
/from Wes, 2015-09-28