Forest Bathing – an activity that gives you the opportunity to really in depth, with all your senses install yourself in Kolarbyn and deepen your nature experience.

Just putting your feet in the wonderful Kolarbyn allows you to log out of everyday life’s demands and to experience a peace of mind. To attend a guided Forest Bath is a great oppurtunity to take it one step further to really ground yourself and to deepen your experience and to connect with the beautiful nature around Kolarbyn.

What is a Forest Bath? We are not going to swim in the lake (you can do that before or after) and we will not go far. We will slowly, mostly in silence wander into the woods next to Kolarbyn. Through simple guided exercises we will then explore the forest with the help of our different senses – it is our senses that bathes in the atmosphere of the forest.

The focus is not on achievement, but the whole thing is about a relaxing context, where we in a different, present and curious way explores the forest and nature.

Research around the world has shown that guided Forest Baths have a lot of positive effects on our well-being – so, come along for the beneficial moment in the forest where you also get tools home in everyday life and maybe some new insights!

Practical Info
We gather outside the reception about ten minutes before the scheduled time. Clothing according to the weather and take something warm if it is cold because we will go slowly and have some meditative moments in stillness. We recommend something to sit/lie on and preferably a little mosquito repellent and water if you get thirsty.

Adult 2280 SEK, Child 1590 SEK

The forest bath is organized on fixed dates in 2019
26-28 July, 14-16 Augusti, 26-28 Augusti

Time & place
Check-in takes place after the Guided Forest Bath. You have access to the huts until 11 the day of departure. The forest therapy starts day 2 at. 13.00 and ending at. 13:30

Max 12 participants. (Age limit from 16 years)

Included in the price
Guided forest bath for 4.5 hours with trained Forest bathing guide. 2 nights accommodation in a charcoal hut with inflatable sleeping mat and sheepskin to sleep on, lunch and the under the forest therapy, access to floating sauna for 2h (shared and lighted itself). Short guided tour in Kolarbyn at check-in. Breakfast to cook yourself over fire day 2 and 3. Dinner from our kitchen storage day 1 and 2.

Single bed in a forest hut for 2 people

The Forest Bath always begins with a guided meditation exercise to unwind and open up your senses and your awareness of the forest’s presence.

In the Forest Bath we use and explore the nature with our different senses. Through guided sensorybased exercises, you will explore and take in what you have around you in the forest. Before each exercise, the guide will give an introduction. Our focus is not on achievement, but the whole thing is about experiencing nature in a relaxed manner. In a different and inspiring way, you will find and settle in the lovely forest of the forest. Time is given for own reflection

For the Forest Bath we recommend that you bring suitable clothes to stay in nature regardless of the weather. For the stay in Kolarbyn, we recommend that you bring weather-resistant clothes and shoes, warm clothes for cold nights, sleeping bags, pillow, flashlight, camera, binoculars, swimwear, towel, water bottle, snacks.






  One of the best things I've done Excellent place! I will 100 percent returning in the future (hopefully not too distant)! /from Joe, 2015-06-10

  I have traveled around the world but had one of the best experiences ever in Kolarbyn. Beautiful as a fairy tale … /from Josefine, 2014-12-08

  Lovely! The second stay at Kolarbyn and we are pleased also this time. Everyone should experience at least one night in Kolarbyn! I write it reluctantly, because I would like to have it all to myself! The breakfast was worth every penny! /from Wes, 2015-09-28