We have gathered the answers on the most common questions we get

Due to the many cancellations and rebookings that are taking place now, we charge a fee of SEK 100 per booking. If you just want to change arrival date or type of lodging, please use your link in your confirmation or send us an email.

In Kolarbyn there is no electricity or running water. Here you sleep well in front of the crackling fireplace and wake up to beautiful birdsong. Silence, wilderness and exciting forest experiences are only a couple hours away from the big city.

The hostel is an collection of charcoal huts in the middle of the spruce forest. Here are twelve huts with two bunks with inflatable mattress and sheepskin rugs to sleep on. All the huts have a fireplace and you chop your own wood and can pick blueberries directly on the roof. The huts are made for 2 people but we can also put an extra bunk for children in the house One of the huts are bigger than the others and you can stay 6 adults in it. We have also one timber lodge and hanging tree tent (only summer).

The area offers excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation and fine fishing lakes (contact us for info about fishing licenses), barbecue areas and great hiking. The hostel is an eco-friendly accommodation built from natural materials. A portion of the proceeds received by the Kolarbyn goes directly to the conservation of nature and cultural values. A visit to the hostel will be an exciting and cosy outdoor experience for both adults and children.

You have access to your huts from 14.00 the day of arrival until 10.30 on departure day. Kolarbyn has no staff in the reception 24 hours around, but a host/guide will meet you at the front desk between 14.00-15.00 for your check in. Notify arrival time, and call if you are late. It is mandatory for all guests of all ages to participate in the tour.

We offer full refund up to 1 week before arrival.
You can cancel for whatever reason you want and we do not ask any questions. That means you can book now and you cancel by the link in your confirmation, you will get all the money back, automatically.

If you want to change the date or type of hut, email us and we will help you change.

We have free cancellation up to one week before your arrival. After that, we refer you to contact your insurance company to see if you are entitled to compensation. We also offer cancellation protection from the summer of 2021.

We receive a VERY many questions via email this summer and have a hard time answering them within 24 hours. Many of the questions we receive you will find the answer to below, feel free to read the information before you email, if possible.

We answer the phone if we have the opportunity, but when we are in the woods, take care of our guests or have check-in, we have a hard time answering. We try to call back if possible. (we try to be available 10.00-17.00, but have the most to do in Kolarbyn 11.00-16.30)

Packing list and equipment
We recommend that you bring weather resistant clothing and footwear, warm clothes for cold evenings, sleeping bag, pillow, power bank, binoculars, swimsuit, towel, water bottle and snacks. Sleeping bags can be rented (sleeping bag, small pillow & sheets).

Food and grill
In Kolarbyn are several barbecue areas for cooking, one of them is located near lake Skärsjön. We offer a simple self-service lunch/dinner that you cook yourself. Fry your own pancakes with jam, cook pasta with various pasta sauces and pesto.

You chop firewood yourselves. Pots, pans and cooking equipment for cooking outdoor can be borrowed from the kitchen storage. The nearest supermarket is in Skinnskatteberg if you would like to buy something, about 4 km. Dinner/lunch and breakfast are included in some tours and adventures.

An organic breakfast for self-service is offered every day April to November.
The breakfast is available in our kitchen and the guest starts a fire at any of the fireplaces and cooks his own porridge, eggs, mixes the pancake, boil coffee/tea and grills dark or light bread over the fire. A little more example of what is offered is fresh bread, juices, milk, jams, marmalades, oatmeal, chocolate drinks, various flakes, soft cheese and caviar. (some variants may occur)

This is included as a base in all bookings
The stay in Kolarbyn includes an inflatable mattress and sheepskin to sleep on, stearin and candle lights, matches, wood, kitchen equipment, check-in tours, access to the community hut. Breakfast and sauna are included (in summer season)

Toilet and shower
In Kolarbyn there is a compost toilet, paper, water and soap. We do not have a shower but please take a dip in the Skärsjön, many people heat water in the floating sauna and pour it out on you. Brush your teeth and wash your face in the stream.

Electricity and fresh water
There is no electricity at Kolarbyn, instead, we use heat and candles. Each hut has a wood burning stove for heating. Fresh water is available in our clear spring in the forest.

Garbage and recycling
Of course, there is recycling in Kolarbyn and we are working to recycle all that we consume. We have an environmental policy and hope that all our guests want to work for a cleaner nature with us. Please put all waste at the designated place that we show you and we will take care of this afterwards.

Dogs are welcome in Kolarbyn and in most of the huts. However, we ask you to not have the dogs in the beds or on the sheep rugs. Look after that the dog not dig ugly pits in the forest or disturb the wildlife in the area. We will offer compostable dog poo bags and please ask us if we forget to dot that.

If an accident occurs
Kolarbyn has a first aid in the kitchen and hosts/guides are trained in First Aid and CPR. The nearest health centre is Skinnskatteberg (4 km) emergency room is in Västerås (60 km). In case of fire, injury or other emergency danger, call 112. Also, contact the host in Kolarbyn.

Rowing boat & canoes
In Kolarbyn there is 1 rowing boat and 6 canoes for rent. The price includes life jackets. If you want, then there is a map of Skärsjön to borrow. You rent the boat or canoes for a half or a full day.

Sauna to share with others is included in your stay in Kolarbyn. You can rent the sauna 3 times a day privately. You can only rent the sauna and canoes if you are a guest in Kolarbyn.

Common questions

I have never slept in tents or the like and can not light a fire, can I visit Kolarbyn?
That’s so good about Kolarbyn is that everything is already here! If you do not have the equipment, you can rent a sleeping bag and all you need for cooking is possible to borrow at Kolarbyn. We show you how to light a fire and help you light a fire in your cabin if you’re unsure and it’s cold outside.

It’s so cold outside – will I freeze?
We always recommend bringing warm clothes for cold evenings and nights. You can light a fire in the hut and it can get very hot inside the cabin.

What is meant by “rustic lunch and dinner”?
You can choose foods from our storage and since we do not have electricity or refrigerators we cannot offer fresh food. Examples of what we can offer: Eggs, flour for (blueberry)pancakes and (mushrooms)pie, various canned meals, soups, pasta sauces, pesto, beans, pasta, rice, noodles, root vegetables, carrots, potatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, chilli, ginger etc.

What is included in the dinner in the “Romantic adventure” package?
In our popular picnic basket with dinner, ecologically produced food (if it’s possible) are included. The basket contains wine glasses, cutlery, napkins, cutting board and wild boar wrap, two kinds of cheese, biscuits, sausages, grapes, chocolate and cider.

I try to book an overnight stay in Kolarbyn this weekend but the date seems not to be available. Do you have any extra rooms that are not seen in the booking system, which can be booked directly with you?
No, we have ” only” 11 huts, 1 log cabin so it will be quickly booked on popular dates. Try to find another date, we don´t have extra huts outside the reservation system.

How many can you sleep in a charcoal hut?
2 adults and 1 child under 13 years or 1 adult and 2 children. Each hut has 2 bunks and in some huts, there is a plank between the bunks where children up to 12 years can sleep. It may feel like it´s a little crowd if you put 2 children with 2 adults in one hut.

Why do I have to add “I’m not a member of STF”?
Prices listed on the web is for them who are STF member. STF members have 50 SEK discount/night for adults and 25 KR/night per child.

How many can you be in a canoe?
You can be 2 adults and 1-2 small children.

Do you have life jackets for small children or non-swimmers?
We have life jackets from 15 kg but unfortunately only adult paddle vests.

I want to participate in an activity, but nobody will be organised on the date I arrive
Unfortunately, we can not offer activities for individual guests beyond those that are planned. But you are welcome to contact us if you are more than 6 people, so maybe we can arrange a group activity for you.