We who work in Kolarbyn

Here is some information about us working in Kolarbyn and close partners who work together with Kolarbyn.

Malin Bruce

Nature guide who runs Kolarbyn Eco-Logde.
Contact: malin@kolarbyn.se

Born and breed in the Stockholm area (1971) but found my senses and moved out into the wilderness with my family quite a few years back.

What is the best part of working with Kolarbyn?
First of all I love being outdoors so this is the dream job for me. Second best is of course the guests: to have the opportunity to meet and great so many people, with different backgrounds and stories, and show them this amazing area of the world.

I’m also running an adventure and guide company called Swenture. I have also been in sales (media) and I have been working as a florist. In my spare time I have been involved in educating kids about nature and I’m active in the civil defense.

Interests and hobbies?
Trail running and everything outdoorsy especially with my family. And I also have a passion for off-road driving with my Defender, hiking and travel.

Favorite time of year?
Since we have 4 amazing seasons I love them all as long as the weather behaves. Proper winters with ice and snow, warm sunny summer days, clear and cool days in autumn or the freshness of spring flowers doesn’t really matter.

Favorite grub?
I love cooking, preferably I cook over the open flames in a beautiful location!

Favorite area in Sweden?
I have always loved the archipelago outside Stockholm but now since we moved inland to Västmanland I have found some really new good places; a warm sunny day in the marshlands with their amazing flora and herbal smells or the untouched old intensely green forest with lovely huge pine trees.

Favorite area to visit?
Since I have a passion for the about twenty-five thousand islands east of Stockholm I must say that to experience the sunset from a warm, softly rounded boulder is amazing. But I don’t mind the soft fluffy moss beneath a 200-hundred year old tree, listening to a creek close by to the smells of the early morning.

About Marcus

Marcus Eldh is one of the pioneers in wildlife watching tourism in Sweden. He began with Moose Safaris is Skinnskatteberg in 2003 and took the initiative to open up Kolarbyn Ecolodge for visitors in 2004.

Marcus is the owner of WildSweden (www.wildsweden.com), a multi-awarded ecotourism company specializing in wildlife watching in various parts of Sweden. WildSweden offer guided tours and holidays to see and experience wild animals in Sweden such as Moose, Wolves, Beavers and Bears.

Contact: marcus@wildsweden.com

Do you want to work with us?

We can offer volunteer job, thesis and internships. You contact us by e-mail info@kolarbyn.se or by phone +46704007053.