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Our deep forest is a magical place, full of secluded lakes and creatures large and small. At first glance, you’ll barely see the forest huts by the beautiful lake. Covered in moss they blend into all the shades of green of trees and shrubs.

Life is simpler here. Fetch water from the spring, chop wood and cook your meals on an open fire. Sleep comfortably on sheep skins in your charming little hut and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Nature is all around and you spend your days however you like. Paddle the lake in a canoe, hop in for a swim, enjoy the floating sauna. Wander the forest to collect mushrooms and berries, and delight in the wildlife you can spot on your own.

On the first morning one of our guides will teach you some basic bushcraft and survival techniques. You will learn how to make fires and how to cut wood with knife and axe.

As dusk falls the forest truly comes alive. You’ll gather with your guide and a few other likeminded nature lovers for exciting excursions to see wildlife. Your second evening we head to a pristine lake nearby and travel the river by silent boat in search for beavers and beaver lodges. All the while learning about these fascinating animals.

The next evening we go on a mission to see the king of the forest – the majestic moose. You’ll be amazed how large and beautiful these animals really are, how silently they move through the forest and meadows. They’re shy though, we keep a respectful distance but try to get close enough for photos without disturbing.


  • Stay three nights in a forest hut at Kolarbyn Eco Lodge

  • Beaver Safari & Moose Safari

  • Spot lots of other wildlife

  • Local Locaguides and small groups for genuine experiences that don’t disturb

  • Learn bushcraft techniques like how to chop fire wood and how to light fires

  • Cook food over an open fire

  • Go for hikes, canoe the lake, use the floating sauna, collect berries & mushrooms

For who: This adventure is ideal for nature loving families, couples and friends who are looking to do something truly different and memorable. You will have plenty of time to explore nature at your own pace. And if you travel with kids, they will LOVE it here!


Arrive and meet your host at 2 pm. There is a welcome session by the camp fire later in the afternoon. Your host will show you the ropes, where to fetch water, how to start a fire, how to sleep well in the forest and much more. Then step into your little hut, unroll your sleeping bags, light some candles. We hope that you will feel right at home!

The huts themselves have an intruiging story. Kolarbyn was a site for charcoal burning for hundreds of years, and the workers built rustic insulated huts with a fire heated stove to stay warm in the winters. Well over a decade ago retired forest workers from the nearby village carried through their idea to build authentic charburners’ huts at the very location where generations of them have stood for centuries. Kolarbyn Ecolodge was born.

This is a day for settling into your new way of life. Go for a hike, take a wild swim in the lake, or simply rest by the campfire. We have a well-stocked shed with staples and vegetables. Use anything you like and cook a delicious meal over the open fire.

As night falls, close the door to you very own cozy forest hut, slip into your sleeping bag and drift off with a smile.


Waken to birds singing and get up whenever you feel like. Fetch water from the spring, get a fire going, boil up some coffee and make breakfast.

This morning one of our guides will teach you the art of survival and the concept of bushcraft, with lots of examples and practical tips. You will also learn the history of fire making and different primitive techniques of creating a flame. After this session you will have the basic practical knowledge of how to create fire using a ferro rod and a knife, and how to build and maintain a fire in an efficient and safe way.

You will then have the afternoon to experience your beautiful surroundings. Go for a hike in the woods – birdwatching and picking endless amounts of berries, mushrooms and edible plants in season. Paddle the lake in a canoe, relax at the sandy beach and go for a wild swim. Meditate among the tall trees, or just hang out by the camp fire with the others.

Our canadian style canoes are stable and safe, and fit two adults and two kids. Canoeing is an ideal way to explore the lake and the forest along its shores. It’s a pretty small forest lake, perfect for an hour or two of paddling, and you can use our map where we’ve marked some of the highlights.

In the evening you meet up with your wildlife guide for a Beaver Safari. It’s a relaxing excursion on a secret lake and river nearby. Our quiet boat barely ripples the water, and we soon land at an island to enjoy dinner together. We often make a flat bread wrap with thin slices of wild boar hunted nearby and organic vegetables, served with a refreshing lingonberry drink or a beer from the local micro-brewery.

Your guide will share knowledge and love, not just of the fascinating creatures we’re about to see, but all natural wonders we encounter along the way. During the long sunset we spend the evening silently cruising across the lake and along the small river, eyes peered at the shoreline in search for beavers and other wildlife.

Sometimes we spot them in daylight, swimming close to our boat or on the shore while they are feeding. Other times we may just see them after dark. It’s exciting watching these busy little animals by lamplight! We keep going into the night and return to Kolarbyn late.

It’s been an enchanting evening on the water, and we’re sure that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the company of your guide and fellow beaver peerers. We also hope that you have a new apprecation for how much these amazing creatures contribute to biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.


You have your new routines down by now and the simplicity of life here is inspiring. There is always more to explore, and if you haven’t already, make sure to enjoy our floating sauna. It’s a long tradition in Scandinavia, and hopping into the lake afterwards is envigorating!

In late afternoon you meet up with one of your wildlife guides again. This time in search for moose! We go to a part of the forest that’s exceptionally good for moose watching. The woods here are unsually wild and we go for a trekk looking for traces they’ve left behind. The ground is covered in moss and every step is springy and soft. Your guide will show all kinds of signs that may be invisible to the untrained eye. Outlines in the vegetation where the moose have laid down to rest, markings on the bark where they’ve rubbed their antlers, nibbles of spruce trees. And of course moose droppings and tracks.

We make a campfire at yet another stunning lake and enjoy an evening meal.

Moose are illusive animals, they never really get used to people. This is the wilderness and their home grounds are vast. We’ve nevertheless managed to find them on nearly every excursion for the last decade and a half. Even the locals don’t seem to believe this!

Now when you know a lot more about these magnificent animals, we travel by minivan to located them. We aim to observe the moose from a respectful distance from the van, and when we get the chance, we step out to get close enough for better photos. They’re affectionately called ’the king of the forest’ for a reason, they’re very large and beautiful, and seeing them relaxed in their native habitat is an exhilirating experience.

Your guides are always careful not to disturb any wildlife, and their knowledge about the forest and all its creatures is impressive. You will very likely also spot roe deer, foxes, hares, boar, badgers and birds like herons, cranes and owls. The lucky few have even seen wolves or lynx.

We end our tour after dark, and we hope that you’ll have a much better understanding and respect for moose and the other wildlife you’ve seen this evening.

>> Read more about the Moose Safari here


Your last morning in the forest. Make some breakfast and say goodbye to your little home and your new friends. Take in the scenery, breath in the fresh air and leave when you have to. No doubt you’ll have fond memories of your time here for a long long time.

Don’t wanna leave yet? We understand. You can also extend your adventure with a Wolf howling tour. We trekk deep into wolf territory and spend a night camping. Howling wolves interrupting the mystical silence of the dark forest night – it’s pure joy!

The wolf howling tour runs on selected Thursdays during July – September. It’s very popular and has limited availability so make sure you book well in advance.

>> Read more about the Wolf howling tour here & see available dates

Denna aktivitet bokas mot förfrågan


”Stannade tre nätter och lämnade i stort sett aldrig området eftersom det var så lugnt och skönt i kojan eller nere vid sjön. Paddlade kanot, bastade och tände en hel del brasor! Vi kommer garanterat återvända.”
Martin, Sverige

”Fantastiskt att få vara nära naturen och leva enkelt.
Lämnar all stress och bekymmer och fokuserar bara på här och nu.
Göra upp eld, laga mat från skafferiet över öppna lågor, diska nere vid bäcken är så avkopplande. Allt får ta tid.
Malin välkomnar och visar runt och har ordnat så fint.
Rekommendera varmt att stanna minst två nätter och bara njuta.”
Marie, Sverige

”Vi hade en riktigt fin helg här! Mysiga kojor i fin natur. Fina omgivningar! Härligt att båda kunna paddla kanot och bada bastu. Trevligt att laga god mat över öppen eld. Ett resmål vi rekommenderar varmt!”
Linn, Sverige

”Övernattat två gånger. Första gången själva och andra gången med barn. Båda tillfällena var lika härliga. Det är som att tiden står stilla och allt får ta sin tid. Rekommenderas varmt!”
Magnus, Sverige

”Fantastisk miljö, skogsbad och historielektion!”
Jan, Sverige

”Helt underbar och trollsk plats, perfekt för social distansering. Bastu på en vacker sjö med många aktiviteter och magisk atmosfär. Kolmilan tog oss tillbaka i tiden och personalen var riktigt trevliga. -Dit åker vi igen!”
Stina, Sverige

”Vi är vana att vara ute, sova i hängmatta och laga mat. Vi hade sett fram emot att komma hit. Men blev så förvånade över hur lyxigt det känts. Allt finns; Ved, köksutrustning, bastu, allt. Det har verkligen varit fantastiskt”
Jack, Stockholm

”Det var jättekul att bo i en kolarkoja. Smidigt med eldstäder, mat och ved. Mysigt och lyxigt trots att det var ”enkel standard”.”
Rosa, Sverige